We are a business for entrepreneurs.
A b-to-b agency that can help your brand take leaps forward. Creative, business minded, effective and with a personal approach.

Our Philosophy:

b-to-b is also just b-to-c.


As an entrepreneur you know it’s difficult to move people and get your message across about your brand, product or service. Especially in the business to business market.

Having years of experience in communicating for Corporates and Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), DutchDuo knows what is needed to tell your story. Always working from a well thought out strategy to achieve noticeable effective results.

Experience shows that creativity sells.

And experience laced with a lot of creativity is what you get from us. We often have a different view on your challenges. But you should not expect anything less from an agency.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we do speak the same language. And more important, the language of your clients.

Business is a matter of pluses and minuses.

A big plus you get with DutchDuo is access to our large group of communication professionals we connected with over time. With these people we can guarantee the highest standards for you communication.

A minus point is that all DutchDuo plus people are very passionate about what they do. They will not stop until it is best it can be. But maybe that is just a big plus.