Business Lapps believes in the power of the Small to Medium Business market (SMB). As an entrepreneur you need to keep moving and innovating as this keeps you relevant. That is why you constantly have to work at your company.

At Business Lapps, entrepreneurs work on plans that lead to actual implementation. No elongated deliberations, but immediate action; Execute, learn, move on. These basics make sure the entrepreneurs not only become successful, but stay successful.

The challenge

Create an overarching brand from the successful Business Versneller approach that connects to the needs of SMB entrepreneurs in several markets. Business Lapps needs to be a platform that can grow over time with new products.

The solution

Because the Business Versneller approach was already known by a large group of entrepreneurs, we wanted the same recognisable core values to be integrated in the Business Lapps communication. Central thought: “working at your company, not in your company”.

We developed a broad scale overall communication platform with a clear overarching proposition that connects with existing products.

To keep Business Lapps scalable for the future, a modular approach is needed. Each product can be seen as an individual module and target audience to communicate about. However, all the products together create the total branding of Business Lapps. This approach is cost and time efficient for communicating existing and upcoming products.

With a no-nonsense way of communicating and pre-produced communication materials in online and offline channels, a strong brand is created. The brand recognition is very high with the target audience: the SMB entrepeneur.

The result

A recognisable and fast growing company that is now preferred supplier for the Rabobank and provincial government. Within two years the sales of products (business Versneller and Opvolgingsversneller) multiplied exponentially. Next to that, a very high percentage of entrepreneurs stay actively connected to Business Lapps.